The Camp specializes in providing catering services for clients accommodated in the camp. Each day our food services staff prepares delicious, nutritionally-balanced meals. This dedicated team is led by a full-time food service manager who is responsible for coordinating quality camp meals three times a day.  We have separate mess hall for Executive, Senior, Junior & Labor. Above than 700 persons can eat in mess hall easily. We also have separate kitchens for different type of nationalities. The kitchen has two ovens, a microwave, toaster, commercial chiller (fridge) and large freezer,  pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and utensils etc.


We have following Sports facilities inside the camp

  • Billiards
  • Table Tennis
  • Swimming Pool
  • Valley Ball
  • Basket Ball
  • Gym
  • Cricket Ground


Our first-class services maintain the professional image of the camp. We also provide residents with a comfortable, safe and hygienic environment in which to live and work .The housekeeping department maintains the cleanliness of the rooms and provides additional services to ensure they are as comfortable as possible for your most valuable assets. Camp Logistics allows you to create reliable housekeeping schedules based on check-ins, check-outs and scheduled arrivals.


  • Wifi / Local Area Network

we are providing good speed of internet downloading and uploading.  You can talk to your family and friends, or stream anywhere, anytime in side camp. By connecting to a quality Wi-Fi in your room, you’ll be able to stay connected to home without any degradation caused by others using the network

  • TV Cable

We offer cable television for customers who enjoy sport or for those wanting to keep up with current affairs. We have Different TV Channels for different type of Nationalities.




At P One Camp we understand the importance of clean hygienic clothing. We have a large Laundry facility in inside the camp which consists of 3 commercial washing machines and 2 commercial dryers in use daily. However, these numbers can be increased at very short notice should the requirement arise.


Camp Clinic operates 24 / 7 which consists of qualified staff, we have a big clinic facility and its approved and authorized for the medical checkup of our clients.


We have a big mosque inside the camp, where we can perform any time prayer. In one time above than 500 persons can person prayers.